What Is a Long Term Care Home

What Is a Long Term Care Home? Everything You Need to Know!

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Who needs long term care?

Nursing homes or commonly as long term care homes are built to provide all-day monitoring and healthcare. People who are unable to take care of themselves and find it difficult to perform their daily tasks can get long term care facility. In addition, seniors with a chronic ailment, injury, or disability need 24/7 supervision and healthcare. Long term care Burlington facilitates such seniors with accommodation, a high level of care, assistance, and nursing. The staff at a long term care home is trained to take care of the meals, medication, nutrition, grooming, and other services for each person individually. Long term care includes personalized health care and assistance while ensuring the safety and comfort of the senior.

3 Types of Long Term Care:

Long term care can be categorized into three segments;

Assisted Living:

Assisted living is a type of housing facility that offers long term care to people who need support in personal care, management of medication and diet, housekeeping, laundry, and other daily household activities. The main difference between assisted living and skilled nursing is that assisted living includes only non-clinical help. Assisted living is suitable for elderly people who require extra support but do not have any severe illness that needs skilled health monitoring.

Live-In Home Care:

Live-in home care is provided within the patient’s home. There are Two types of Live-in home care; medical and non-medical. Medical live-in care includes specialized nursing whereas non-medical care includes assistance in daily activities and general health monitoring. From everyday visits to weekly visits, live-in long term care depends on the need of the patient.

Skilled Nursing:

Skilled nursing is offered by professional medical communities. These are the authorized communities that provide different levels of clinical care and supervision. Patients with injuries or surgery who require medical supervision after hospital for medication and therapy can get benefit from skilled nursing. Long-term and short-term patients can both benefit from skilled nursing.

Home-Based Long Term Care:

Home-based or live-in long term care is part-time caregiving to seniors within their own residences. Seniors who are not comfortable moving to a care home but need specialized round-the-clock care can get a caregiver at home. Home care is mostly non-clinical aid. Home-based long term care homes Oshawa includes help in personal care like eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, etc., general housekeeping, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, and management of medication and appointments. The home-based caregiver provides companionship and support and ensures the well-being of the senior. A live-in caregiver can be hired as per the need of the person.

Long-Term Care Home Services:

Long term care homes provide a variety of services depending upon the needs of a person. These include:
  • Medicine Management
  • Health Monitoring
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Nutrition & Meal Management
  • 24 hours Nursing Care
  • Trained Caregiver Staff
  • Management of Falls
  • Prevents Injuries
  • Physiotherapy
  • Specialized Care Units
  • Medical Emergency Call System
  • Recreation Staff

Why Is Long Term Care Important?

Long term care allows patients and people to live comfortably by providing them essential everyday support, care, and companionship. In most cases, seniors facing chronic ailments require long term care facility. Chronic ailments greatly impact their mental health, and mobility and they often find personal care annoying. Caregivers manage medication and nutrition, housekeeping, and personal care. Oftentimes, surgery and sickness disturb mobility and balance. So, the risk of falls among seniors increases. In such cases, they need continuous monitoring and support. Long term care homes or live-in caregivers help seniors by giving them assistance, essential care, and comfortable living.

How Much Long Term Care Homes Cost?

To get into a care home, you first need a referral from an authorized physician. You should also know the level of care a person needs. Long term care homes can be expensive. You need to access your financial resources, budget, services required, and health insurance. The cost of a long term care home can only be known by getting an evaluation depending upon the needs of a senior.

In Conclusion:

As you age, long term care becomes extremely important. If a senior is unable to get the required care and support, care homes and live-in care are suitable life savers for them. Whether seniors want to stay in their own homes or care homes, they can get an equal level of personalized care. In most cases, seniors want to stay in their homes but they are no longer capable of taking care of themselves. At Considracare, we provide live-in best non-clinical personal care assistance that meets your needs while ensuring the comfort, safety, and well-being of the seniors.  

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